​​​Reverend Adite Holt

Assistant Pastor


Darren M. Duncan, B. Th., M. Th.
Senior Pastor

We Preach Christ Crucified, 
Risen and Coming Again.
​Salvation is Free!

  Bethany Baptist Church

Please fill out the form on the Contact Us page to receive a copy of one of our courses or manuals for a nominal fee. When the course is completed and mailed back to us, a Certificate of Completion will be sent to you.

Courses - $5

  • The First Steps On Your Christian Journey

  • Knowing the Bible 101

  • How Would Jesus Vote?

  • Spiritual Gifts

Special Courses - $50

  • Christian Marriage Preparation

  • Marriage Tune-Up

Manuals - $10

  • Ministers Training

  • Nursing Home Ministry

  • Through the Bible in One Year

  • ​Training for Evangelism

Study Courses and Manuals
Senior Pastor Duncan is an astounding teacher and develops his own educational materials.  He believes in rightly dividing the Word of God and is masterfully gifted in making the most difficult theological teachings simple to understand and retain.


Through his generosity, these courses have been made available to anyone who wants to further their knowledge of our Lord and Savior and create a deeper understanding of God's desire for us to be closer to him.